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Who We Are

Our music is more than a recording. It is an impetus to action, a voice that cannot be ignored, and, most of all, an identity that cannot be replicated. We understand this. That is why we do not offer generic tracks or cookie-cutter solutions. We write music for you.

We want to create a space where composers receive the recognition they deserve for the fantastic music they craft. By leveraging their roots, we want them to tell compelling stories through their sound.

what we do

Viral Music specializes in creating original music for brands, filmmakers, and clients worldwide. We write and record any style and genre of music.

Our team mixes talented musicians and music engineers who help us produce high-quality scores and sound designs that help clients attract and engage their target audience. Our services span composition, music supervision, sonic branding and audio post. We have composed and worked with some of the biggest brands globally. 

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where we are

Our team is distributed worldwide and our work has been featured in a wide range of projects.

who trust us

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When We Are Available

We're here to help your project achieve its fullest potential. When you work with us, we'll act as an extension of your team, working with you to make sure you reach the finish line. Our team will take the time to make sure they understand your product or work and how it fits into your company's goals--that way, we can create a plan that gets you there.

With over twenty years of experience in the business, we can guarantee the best solution for your needs and wants. It all starts with a meeting, connect with us HERE

Why You Should Choose Us

We want to understand your goals and your audience. By investing the time to better get to know you and your vision, we can create the music and sound that will best relay your message to your audience.

What you offer is valuable and deserves high quality, tailor-made work, not generic tracks. Our dedicated team will work with you to create something that embraces the uniqueness of your work.   

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